Lucia uses the tools of Body Centered Therapy, guided mindfulness, breath, movement, Jyotish, and intuitive sight, to help you gently and productively earth your spirit, thus finding you can depend more fully on your own intuitive abilities and inner healing powers.

Spiritual Coaching, incorporating the tools mentioned above, has the primary intention of helping us get to know ourselves in a way that can promote self-acceptance and self-love. As we learn to accept and love ourselves, as we learn that all paths and energies have a purpose, we stop judging – first ourselves, and then others. This, then, frees our energy for creating and manifesting our highest potential in all areas of life.

Jyotish, or Vedic Astrology, can show us a mandala of the soul, helping us to understand the energies that we brought into this life, how better to navigate them, and an archetypal pattern that, when seen as a whole, can help us see our own Wholeness.

You can email or phone for an appointment at:

(541) 485-7072, or

Coaching sessions and/or astrology readings are: $90.00/hr.
Before your appointment, please fill out the Astrology Information Form.


A session with Lucia is a wonderfully unique, enlightening, and healing experience. She supports her clients in creating meaningful life shifts by combining her ample gift of intuition; her talent for honing in on your individual astrological fingerprint; her aptitude for guiding the release of embodied blocks; and her sage wisdom. At the closing of your time with Lucia, you have a ‘knowing’ about yourself that you did not have when you began. Very therapeutic – Very worthwhile – Very special.  ~Deborah